Off to a good start.

Written by Justin Junior - June 06 2012


Brushwood Support
December 16 2012

If you view our Retailers page you will find an updated list of exclusive Brushwood retailers. We hope to expand our list within the next few months and would appreciate any support or help that you can offer us!

Currently, we have a few retailers in NJ, NY, and some online.

Thanks everyone for the support!

November 07 2012

It would definitely be cpheear, but I’m not sure how structural it would be. I’ve seen some people build tables with PVC supports before, so it’s definitely a possibility, however I’ve never experimented myself to know for sure.Thanks for sharing with us.

Susan Hourigan
September 25 2012

Good Luck with your new business name!!! I wish you much success! Where would I be able to buy a pair in New York?

August 29 2012

I really dig these glasses, and cannot wait to see the new line your creating. I most definitely think you should get some of your product in the local skateshop in my area and hook it up with a flow sponcer! I would rock your shades everywhere and anywhere. I even showed my boss your line up and he said whenever I place an order to grab him a pair!

Brushwood Support
August 25 2012

Hi Tommy-

So sorry that this was not answered. The Classic’s black/black model will most likely be available again in the summer of 2013. We will be releasing a new line of sunglasses this fall/winter which will have a model similar to the all black. If you have any questions, feel free to send us an email or follow our Facebook page for updates.

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